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Scope Mounting

Our Guns PROS will precisely position your scope using appropriate mounts to set it in place. They’ll make adjustments and ensure the eye relief is correct, so it can properly assist in quick target acquisition. With the gun in a cradle, the PRO will make sure the scope is level and tighten the mounts. By having a properly mounted scope, if a gun isn’t shooting like you think it should, knowing your scope is properly mounted allows you to focus on diagnosing the problem elsewhere. Buy Guns Online USA Buy Guns Online USA Buy Guns Online USA Where to buy Guns Online USA

Knowledgeable Staff

Knowledgeable staff that are ready to listen and eager to address your questions. What class should I take next?… We offer professional guidance through multiple training tracks, each aimed at delivering you to YOUR idea of READY. When you are in search of a professional gun, you can visit Artillery Shop Online for quality, authentic merchandise. Allow us to provide you with gun sales and other services you may need. Buy Guns Online USA Buy Guns Online USA Where to buy Guns Online USA Buy Guns Online Texas Buy Guns Online Texas

Artillery Shop Online

Arms Experts

Buy Guns Online USA We cater for all the needs of the novice or experienced game shooter. With years of experience as professional gun service providers and one of our directors competing at the highest level, our team combines knowledge, expertise, passion and dedication. We offer competitive rates and a 24/7 service. Working with some of the top shooting destinations across the world. Buy Guns Online USA Buy Guns Online USA Buy Guns Online Texas

Gun Repairs

Guns require on-going maintenance and servicing, like any mechanism, they are prone to wear and tear and from time to time need to undergo repairs and servicing. Our fully qualified gunsmith provides an extensive repair and maintenance service at our workshop. We undertake repairs on guns and restoration projects all receiving the same attention to detail from our master craftsman. Buy Guns Online USA Buy Guns Online USA Where Can i Order Guns online



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    FED P765 22MG 30

    If you hunt varmints with a rimfire rifle, extract maximum range and power from the platform with Federal Premium VShok loads, They provide superior accuracy, the utmost dependability and explosive performance on impact.

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    Hornady V-Max 22WMR 30 Grain 500 Round

    The incredible punch of Hornady’s 30-gr. V-Max 83202 bullet turns your .22 magnum into a varmint’s worst nightmare. Hornady 22 WMR 83202 ammunition delivers the pinnacle of rimfire performance. It delivers industry leading accuracy and deadly performance that has “mist”-ified varmints for years. Loaded with the venerable V-MAX, or alternative metal NTX bullet, Hornady rimfire ammunition is an excellent choice for plinking or varmint hunting. Also available, is our 45 grain Critical Defense load that delivers superior controlled expansion and large, deep wound cavities over a wide range of velocities. This addition to our rimfire line represents the kind of quality the world has come to expect, a truly fine addition to the Hornady line!
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    CCI 22 WMR A22MAG 35 GPT 200/10

    CCI understands the needs of hunters and has designed ammunition with the small game hunter in mind. Each bullet keeps meat spoilage or hide damage to a minimum. The A22 Magnum gets the most performance possible along with boosts speed, while its GamePoint design expands like a big game bullet on impact, maximizing terminal effects. CCI has enhanced the round even further by building it around the A22 Magnum semi-automatic rifle from Savage. CCI\’s A22 ammunition also provides precise, consistent performance with other rifles chambered in 22 WMR.

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    CCI 0053 17HMR 17 TNT 50/40

    One look is all it takes to know that CCI understands what varmint hunters desire. The Varmint Ammunition line features a variety of bullet technologies that are designed for the same goal: total devastation on impact.
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    Federal AE Tracer 5.56 Nato 64 Grain FMJ 20rd

    This Federal American Eagle Ammunition is genuine Lake City Ammunition Plant overrun ammunition. This tracer ammunition is loaded to military specification and is perfect for providing the shooter with immediate feedback through trajectory visualization by allowing the bullet path to be seen.This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable Lake City brass cases.

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    FED 270DT150 270 150 NONTYP SP 20/10

    Whitetails stand apart from all other American big game. Hunt them with ammunition that\’s just as exceptional. Federal Non-Typical uses an optimized soft-point bullet with a concentric jacket to provide tag-punching accuracy and consistent, lethal wound channels on any deer.

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    HORN 8232 375 RUG 300 DGS SF 20/6

    Hornady Dangerous Game Series ammunition is designed specially for a large game and safari hunting. The Dangerous Game Solid bullets are made with a hard lead/antimony alloy cone, surrounded by a copper clad steel jacket. The bullets feature a flat meplat for straighter penetration and create more energy transfer than a simple round profile bullet.

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    Federal American Eagle 50BMG 660 Grain 10rd

    This is the same ammo that is used by our Military Forces for the Barrett 50 Cal. and Browning M2 “Ma Deuce.” Ideal for heavy-gun long range training and marksmanship.

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    SAV 220 SLUG 20 GA LH

    Savage 220 Slug, Bolt Action Shotgun, 20 Gauge, 3″ Chamber, 22″ Rifled Barrel, Black Color, Black Polymer Stock, AccuTrigger, Detachable Box Magazine, 2Rd, Left Hand

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    MOSS 590SP 12 20 9SH FLEX SYN

    The FLEX 590 Tactical is a modular system of shotguns based on the legendary model 590 with the LTS (Tool-Less Locking System). This system consists of three convenient connecting technologies that bring another level of flexibility to your tactical shooting endeavors. One locking pen is for the stock, one for the forend, and one for the recoil pad. The Tactical series is set up for any of your shotgun\’s personal protection needs, but easily allows you to change the stock, forend, or recoil pad for a specific need. The FLEX 590 Tactical features a black 6-position stock and tactical tri-rail forend.

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    SAV 220 SLUG 20 GA CAMO

    Redefine slug accuracy with the refreshed Savage 220. The bolt-action platform is built like a rifle with features including the user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ system and a button-rifled, 22-inch barrel.

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