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Gun Appraisals

Wanting to sell, buy, insure, or are just curious about the value of your firearm? At Artillery Shop, we can appraise rifles, handguns, modern sporting rifles.Artillery Shop Online

Accessories Installation

Let us mount your optics, sights, and other accessories! Even minor flaws in installation can become a problem with aiming,over long distances.

Bore Sighting

Let us help you get on the paper with our Bore Sighting service. We provide bore sighting services that will accurately align your sight with the barrel.Artillery Shop Online


Looking for ammunition?  Our ammo is competitively priced with a top selection of brands such as Winchester,Remington,quality ammunition.

Firearms Experts

With over years of experience as professional gun service providers,our team combines knowledge,expertise, passion and dedication.Artillery Shop Online

Gun Delivery

We are happy to deliver your guns to your home once you have finished placing your order from the store.Artillery Shop Online
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At Artillery Shop we maintain a full-service Gun Shop that caters to all of our customers firearm needs. Whether you are looking to buy, sell transfer or service (clean, repair, modify) a firearm, you can rely on us to deliver total satisfaction on price, selection and service. We want to be your go-to gun store; where you can browse our stock, ask questions and don’t feel rushed or pressured into a purchase. 

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