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Defensive shooting is a critical skill to build if you plan to use a firearm for concealed carry or home defense. Defensive training can be found with firearms instructors, but there are also numerous drills you can shoot at the range to train your skills. Defensive firearms training will often require a functioning handgun, a holster, a spare magazine pouch, plenty of ammo, man-sized targets, and a shot timer. Shot timers can be expensive, however you can download an app to your phone and they typically work okay.

With a phone timer, I’d stick to the par timer because phones can have difficulty picking up a gunshot. So without any further noise, let’s take a look at my top 5 defensive shooting drills. Buy Firearms Online

The Basic Double Tap

The double-tap is a fundamental defensive shooting drill that’s easy to begin with and difficult to master. The double-tap, sometimes known as the hammer pair, is an invaluable skill to master. The double-tap is a technique where you fire two shots with one sight picture. The goal is to squeeze the trigger fast but also to remain accurate.

The double-tap can be done from the draw if your range allows for it. If not, the ability to accurately rapid-fire two rounds and land them in the body of your target is crucial. The first shot should be well placed and well-aimed. You want a solid sight picture for that first round. After the first shot, the goal is for you to recover as fast as possible and place a second shot on target.

The second shot will likely not be as accurate but should be within three inches of the first shot. Start close at say 5 yards. Master the accurate double tap at this range and then extend the range yard by yard.

This Drill will teach you weapons control, the ability to work the trigger, and the means to effectively place two shots on the target as quickly and accurately as possible. Two shots are always better than one. Buy Firearms Online


Failure to Stop Drill


The Failure to Stop Drill is a classic firearms drill dating all the way back to Jeff Cooper and Gunsite Academy and a mercenary in Africa. Originally the Drill was called the Mozambique drill, but the current en vogue name is the Failure to Stop Drill. It’s designed for an attacker that’s charging you or fails to stop when you fire on them. How to order firearms Online  How to order firearms Online  How to order firearms Online

A passing score is 7 out of 9 shots. Any shot fired outside of your 3 second par time is considered a miss. The iHack allows you to learn precision, speed, and target transitions. These are all invaluable skills to have in a gunfight.

Better yet, the short 3-second timer puts pressure on you to perform, and learning to work under pressure is a critical skill.

The 5X5 Drill

The Wilson 5X5 drill was created by Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat. The 5×5 Drill requires 25 rounds, one man-sized target, and at least two magazines, a holster, and a belt-mounted magazine pouch. The Drill requires you to fire 4 strings and has a passing time. You’ll use a timer to record your strings of fire and then add them up. Where to buy firearms and ammunition Where to buy firearms and ammunition Where to buy firearms and ammunition

The targets are a 3×5 card and an 8-inch paper plate. The card placed above the plate when shooting. You’ll need a timer to complete the Drill, and as I mentioned earlier, a phone timer works as long as you can set the Par Time. This Drill is fired at 7 yards and set your par time to 4 seconds. Buy Firearms Online

Load your magazine with at least 6 rounds, but feel free to load more. Start in the low ready or with your gun holstered and hit start on the timer. On the go signal aim and fire two accurate rounds into the 3×5 card, then fire as many rounds as possible into the 8-inch plate within the set par time. How to Order Guns and ammunition Online How to Order Guns and ammunition Online

My personal best is two shots to the card and 6 shots to the plate in four seconds. It’s a challenge that’s fun, but also excellent training. The Drill challenges your ability to go from slow and accurate to rapid-fire. The changing gears occur in your brain, and you have to translate that to your hands rapidly.

Buying Guns Online in USA

Buying Guns Online in USA


Buying Guns Online in USA

The quality of your hunting rifle has a major impact on your hunting success. However, it can be difficult to know what to look for. You might even feel intimidated by the rows of rifles behind the counter of your local sporting goods store. Modern advancements in firearms have left shooters with seemingly endless options for hunting. While options are a good thing, having so many choices of manufacturers, models, calibers, and accessories can can leave you confounded about where to start.

This guide is designed to help you break down the fundamental elements of a hunting rifle. Explaining all your options here isn’t practical, so consider this a starting point. Use this information to kick-start the process of finding the best rifle for your hunting needs. Buying Guns Online in USA


Before you invest hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a new hunting rifle, you should check the hunting regulations for the area you plan to hunt. Many jurisdictions have limitations on what types of firearms can be used to hunt specific game animals. For example, some areas restrict using rifles for deer hunting. Certain states may also have legal limitations on caliber and cartridges used for certain game.


Deciding on the caliber of your hunting rifle may be the most important decision in the buying process.

As a basic rule, you’ll need a smaller caliber for hunting small game and varmints. You should move up the scale, increasing size and power in proportion to the size of the animals you hunt. You obviously wouldn’t use the same caliber rifle to hunt squirrels as you would moose. Choose something too small for a massive bull elk, and he’ll think he’s been bitten by a mosquito. (There are exceptions. A well-placed, lucky shot always has the potential to bring down large animals.) However, shooting an eastern gray squirrel with a .30-06 will reduce your squirrel to nothing but a puff of fur. Buying Guns Online in USA

For general reference, a small-bore .22 caliber rifle is perfect for rabbits, squirrels and varmints. Larger animals like deer and elk require something larger and more powerful. Popular choices are the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield.


The type of hunting rifle you need will largely depend on the distance you’ll be targeting game. If you’ll be hunting thick woods, you’ll need a short-barreled rifle for maneuverability. You should also look for a rifle with a little more punch to effectively bust through brush. Buying Firearms Online in USA Buying Firearms Online in USA  Buying Firearms Online in USA

When we’re talking about rifles, the “action” refers to the mechanism that loads, locks, fires, extracts, and ejects the cartridge. It is literally where all the action happens. The most common actions found in hunting rifles are bolt-action, pump-action, lever-action, semi-automatic and single-shot. Buying Guns Online in USA

The “best” action for a hunting rifle depends on your hunting style and is largely a matter of preference.

A semi-automatic allows for quick followup shots and can helpful when hunting moving game. They do require regular cleaning to prevent ammunition jams.

Bolt action rifles are the sniper rifles of the hunting world. Generally considered more accurate (especially for long-range shooting), a bolt action rifle is your best friend when hunting slow-moving or still game across open areas.

Pump actions (also called slide actions), lever actions, and single shots all have their own loyal fan base. Reliable and simple to operate, these traditional rifles helped tame the Western frontier and are still relevant for hunting modern game.


A traditional hunter may criticize any rifle that doesn’t have a blued barrel and a high-gloss cedar-stained wood stock. Although this might be the only options our grandfathers had, modern hunters have far more to choose from. Where can i and get pistol for self defense Where can i and get pistol for self defense Where can i and get pistol for self defense

A synthetic stock is typically more lightweight and will resist denting and cracking better than traditional wood. If you like the look of traditional wood, there are synthetic stocks that feature a classic wood grain pattern. Buying Guns Online in USA

When it comes to barrels, many hunters appreciate stainless steel over time-honored bluing. Stainless steel will shed rain, snow, and sleet with ease and requires less maintenance than a traditional barrel. Where to buy Guns Online in USA Where to buy Guns Online in USA Where to buy Guns Online in USA

Modern sporting rifles like the AR-15 and other variants are also gaining popularity for hunting. Although they don’t fit the stereotypical image of a “hunting rifle,” they are effective, tough, and easy to shoot. You can find an AR platform chambered for anything from .22 Long Rifle to the .50 Beowulf. Despite the bad rap they often get from the media, these modern rifles are great for hunting a variety of game. Buying Guns Online in USA



There are hunting rifles available at every price point. From super simple to extravagant, hunting rifles run the gamut from cheap to ultra expensive. Where can i and get pistol for self defense Where can i buy firearms in USA

This vast range in price means you should be able to find something that fits your budget. However, you need to know how to distinguish affordable quality from cheap garbage. One easy way to find good value is to purchase a rifle manufactured by a reputable company. Names like Winchester, Remington, Savage, and Mossberg have been trusted by generations of hunters. Rifles bearing these names command respect, because the companies that make them have earned it. Buying Guns Online in USA Where can i buy firearms in USA Where can i buy firearms in USA Where can i buy firearms in USA

Don’t forget to budget for optics. Although you may think you can get by without it, a quality scope improves almost every hunting situation from squirrels to grizzlies. You don’t want to spend your entire budget on the firearm only to end up with an ineffective weapon due to low quality optics. You should expect to spend at least half as much (maybe even just as much) on your scope as you spend on the rifle. Be sure to budget accordingly.


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