shotgun (also known as a scattergun,or historically as a fowling piece) is a long-barreled firearm designed to shoot a straight-walled cartridge known as a shotshell, which usually discharges numerous small pellet-like spherical sub-projectiles called shot, or sometimes a single solid projectile called a slug. Shotguns are most commonly smoothbore firearms, meaning that their gun barrels have no rifling on the inner wall, but rifled barrels for shooting slugs (slug barrels) are also available. Buy shotgun online in Texas

However, it is difficult to find exactly how many guns were sold in the U.S., because there are laws on the federal and state level that don’t require retailers to report if someone who has had a background check for a gun actually ended up purchasing one, said. Buy shotgun online in Texas

There are researchers who have come up with a formula for calculating gun purchases, which uses data from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. That’s the formula used, according to the methodology section of its report.

Shotguns come in a wide variety of calibers and gauges ranging from 5.5 mm (.22 inch) to up to 5 cm (2.0 in), though the 12-gauge (18.53 mm or 0.729 in) and 20-gauge (15.63 mm or 0.615 in) bores are by far the most common. Almost all are breechloading, and can be single-barreled, double-barreled or in the form of combination guns. Like rifles, shotguns also come in a range of different action types, both single-shot and repeating. For non-repeating designs, over-and-under break action shotguns are by far the most common variant. Although revolving shotguns did exist, most modern repeating shotguns are either pump-action or semi-automatic, and also fully automatic, lever-action or bolt-action to a lesser extent. Buying shotgun online in Texas Buying shotgun online in Texas How to order shotgun online in Texas How to order shotgun online in Texas

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